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 L.O.D. Rules

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PostSubject: L.O.D. Rules   L.O.D. Rules Icon_minitimeFri 06 Jul 2012, 14:47

Land Of Death (LOD)

  • Please try to arrive at least 20 mins before DH. This does not mean you can arrive early and AFK until DH, as we need to be able to arrange parties in advance.
  • Before entering, ask if LOD is full. Do not simply come into LOD unannounced.
  • You may NOT under any circumstances make reservations for LOD before it's open. LOD spots are available is on a first come, first served basis.
  • Check how much FOS you have before DH so it can be given out accordingly.
  • Ensure that parties are fair, i.e. same amount of damage is being dealt by all parties. The aim is for everyone to get the same amount of EXP (relative to their level)
  • Maximum number of people in LOD is 9. However, recommended number is 6 so there are two parties of 3. (This may differ on a case by case basis)
  • Pay attention to the lures in LOD as you will be expected to help with lures over time.

    Most importantly:
  • If you are one of the first to enter LOD, please trap the death landers for the convenience of everyone else. The recommended place to trap them is at the reborn area.
  • Bring a pet that is able to tank (such as Fibi, Bushtail, Shogun Bushy etc.) and enough pet dolls and foods to last you through LOD. The suggested number is 50 Dolls and 50 Foods.
  • Loot: Selfish behaviour is not tolerated, if you are a selfish player you will be kicked. Be considerate to others when taking loot. The following rules apply to loot as guidance:

    ORDER OF KILLING: Reborns >> Drakes >> Fire Drakes >> Giant Knight (Keep it fair guys)

    ➔ Ancient accessories: These are for lurers to pick up to make up for Full Potions used. When luring, FOS' are not an option, please don't be selfish.
    ➔ Fountain of Saviour: Looted by Keepers, Deputies or Head only (if none in LOD, please choose 1 person to loot FOS and supply this to Keeper/Deputy/Head later)
    ➔ HP/Big Entire potions: Allow lurer to loot most of these
    ➔ Resistance Gloves/Boots and Xmasks: 1 item per member per lod. If a member needs the item (i.e. is Summing) that member has priority, so please ask others.
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PostSubject: Re: L.O.D. Rules   L.O.D. Rules Icon_minitimeSat 31 Aug 2013, 09:22

LOD rules have been updated. Please pay heed to changes, notably:

Reiteration that you must bring a tanking pet to LOD in order to help with the tanking of mobs.

Along with this, sufficient pet dolls and pet food must be brought to last you through LOD. The suggested amount is 50 pet dolls and 50 foods per LOD. This is enough for lurers so it should be more than enough for other participants. However, everyone will be expected to help with lures going forward.

Also, please trap landers when you enter LOD for the convenience of others.

Thanks all

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L.O.D. Rules
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